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What are the Main Skin Problems?

Naturally, glowing skin is not just a dream of girls but every human being! Our healthy skin always creates a positive impression and brings confidence in you. Skin is a mirror of your health.  Use Ayurvedic skin care products for Healthy Skin.

Because of a hectic lifestyle and other health conditions, we face various SKIN HEALTH ISSUES!

Dry Skin

causes of skin problems

Ayurvedic Cosmetics - New Trend in the Skin Care Market

Ayurveda is discovered 500 years ago and since then it has been used for Ayurvedic remedies for various health ailments.

Ayurvedic cosmetics are made by using Authentic Skin Care Spices and Herbs

Ayurvedic skin care products do not showcase any adverse reactions.

According to research, it is suggested that Ayurvedic skin care products showcase long-term benefits in comparison to other cosmetics.

Switch from Regular Cosmetics to Ayurvedic Skin Care Products, and See Visible Difference! 

ayurvedic cosmetics

Herbal Hills Offers a Wide Range of Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

Trusted Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Glohills Ultra Face Pack

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  • This Ultra Face Pack contains Arjuna, Ambehaldi, Neem, Tulsi, Lodhra, Rose powder, Geru, and Ushira with Multani mitti base.
  • It may cleanse the facial skin and promote healthy skin care
  • Best Ayurveda Skin Care Products May help clear blemishes.
  • This herbal face pack may help manage the inner beauty of the skin and outer glow as well
  • It may provide rejuvenating effects to the face

➤ Apply this Ayurvedic FACE PACK over a cleansed face
Leave it for 20 mins.
Wash it off with water
➤  For better results, use Mud Pack for face Weekly Twice

Arjuna, Ambehaldi, Neem, Tulsi, Lodhra, Rose powder, Geru and Ushira with Multani mitti base


  • It May help remove blemishes or dark spots, post-acne marks
  • May control acne/pimples
  • It May help to delay age-related skin changes
  • Ayurvedic Products For Skin Care – may help in smoothening the skin and give an attractive look.
  • This Ayurvedic face cream has cooling properties, So, you can use as best Ayurvedic Skin Care Home Remedies

➤ Apply this Ayurvedic FACE CREAM smoothly on cleansed face
Massage it well 
For better results, use this one of the best Ayurvedic Face Pack in Morning and Night

Shalmali, Nimba, Haridra, Sariva, Kumari, Yashtimadhu, Yashad Bhasma, Tankan Bhasma, and Kumkumadi tail


  • This Ayurvedic Face Scrub – may help exfoliate dead skin and unclogs open pores
  • Best Ayurvedic Skin Care Products In India – Glohills – May cleanse and detoxify the skin
  • Ayurvedic Skin Products – may keep the skin feeling smooth and refreshed
  • May strengthen and brighten skin tone
  • Ayurvedic Skin Care Products Online – may give a younger-looking skin tone

➤ Wet face with water
Apply a thin layer of this Ayurvedic Face scrub scream
Gently massage for 5-7 mins
Wash it off with water
Avoid contact with eyes

Sariva, Neem, Haridra liquid, Aloe Juice, Yashad Bhasma, Tankan Bhasma, Arjuna, Apricot, Kokum butter, Almond oil, and Wheat germ oil


intense repair
  • It helps to improve skin elasticity and offers youthful appeal
  • Deeply nourishes and helps to repair the damaged skin, offering smooth and radiant skin
  • Ayurvedic Cosmetics Unique skin repair formula to fight skin blemishes and other skin issues to provide naturally glowing and healthy skin
  • Infused with Saffron, Turmeric, and Rose, this intense repair cream suits all skin types

➤ Apply this Ayurvedic SKIN INTENSE CREAM smoothly on cleansed face
Massage it well 
For better results, use this cream in Morning and Night

Saffron, Rose petal powder, Haldi powder, Cow Ghee, Shea butter, Beeswax

Glohills MUD PACK

  • Helps in cleansing deep-rooted impurities
  • It May help to hydrate the skin & keep it moisturized
  • May help clear blemishes.
  • May help improve blood circulation making the skin soft and tender
  • Suitable for all Skin types

➤ Apply this Ayurvedic MUD PACK lavishly on cleansed face
Leave it for 20 mins.
Wash it off with water
➤  For better results, use Mud Pack for face Weekly Twice

Haldi, Neem, Tulsi, Kokum, Almond oil, Arjuna and Aloe Vera, mixed in Multani mitti

Glohills ALOE MIST

  • Infused with a natural Aloe Vera, it helps to reduce acne, scars, and other skin blemishes
  • It may correct and balance the pH of the skin to control the breakouts
  •  Ayurvedic Face Toner may helps to exfoliate the skin, tightens the pores, and offers healthy and smooth looking skin
  • Helps to remove excess dirt, traces of oil, and makeup, leaving the skin hydrated
  • Herbal Hills Glohills Aloe Mist Suitable for all Skin types

Wash your face with clean water and dry it properly
Wet a cotton pod with this ALOE MIST and cleanse your face with it. Do not wipe off with water
It helps to remove dirt and other impurities, leaving back smooth and cleansed skin
➤  For better results, use ALOE VERA Gel after this skin care process to keep the skin moisturized 

Aloe Vera Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Cucumber Extract


Untitled design (3)
  • Made from natural herbs, this acne gel is suitable for all skin types
  • It helps protect the skin from acne & breakouts
  • Helps to cleanse the impurities, keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized, and fresh looking
  • Helps to evens out the skin surface, offerings a naturally glowing skin after a regular use

Take a small amount of gel and apply on a wet face 
Massage it with gentle circular motion
Wipe the face clean with facial tissue or rinse it with cold water
For better results, use it regularly

Ashwagandha Extract, Turmeric Extract, Neem Extract


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  • Almond oil present in this cleansing milk helps to cleanse the dirt, makeup traces, and remove excess oil gently
  • Mixed with natural Aloe vera, it helps to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated
  • It is a great cleansing solution for the dry, stretched, and scratchy skin after normal soap
  • Made with premium quality and authentic herbs, it is suitable for all skin type and helps to improve skin texture

➤ Apply this Cleansing Milk all over the face and neck region
Massage gently for 2-3 mins in a circular motion with your fingertips
Wipe Off the Cleansing Milk with Facial tissues or moist cotton. 
You can also wipe it off with water to enjoy the smooth and cleansed skin

Aloe Vera Extract & Almond Oil


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  • This Ayurvedic Body Lotion May help to keep skin hydrated & moisturized
  • Known to provide a pleasant soothing feeling
  • May give relief from dry & itching skin
  • May help soften the skin texture

Apply all over the face and neck with a circular motion
Wipe off with either damp cotton or wash off with water
For better results, us this Ayurvedic Body Lotion regularly 

Tankan Bhasma, Wheat germ oil, Arjuna, Lemongrass oil, Lavender oil, Aloe Vera and Khus


Untitled design (6)
  • With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, this gel will help to reduce acne and work on other skin blemishes
  • This multi-beneficial Aloe vera gel helps to moisturize the skin without offering a greasy feel
  • Known to soothe & calm your skin and leaving a cooling sensation that lasts longer
  • Made with premium quality, natural and pure Aloe vera to offer optimum benefits
  • Suitable for all Skin types

Apply this Natural Aloe vera gel on your Cleansed Face & Keep it overnight 
For Better Results, Use it Regularly

100% Natural & Pure Aloe Vera Extract

Glohills LIP BALM

Almond Oil
  • Made with all-natural and herb-based ingredients, this lip balm will improve your daily lip care by soothing the chapped and dry lips
  • Made to moisturize the lip, this lip gel helps to protect them against dryness and damage, adding to its overall health and smooth texture
  • Packed with Almond Oil, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Cow ghee, this lip balm intensely hydrates the lips and keep them moisturized all day long
  • Natural ingredients & strawberry flavor makes this lip balm/ gel a perfect pick for everyone

Take a required amount of Lip Balm on your fingertips
Apply a thick layer on broken and dry area
For better results, use it regularly

Almond Oil, Shea butter Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cow Ghee, Castor Oil


  • Packed with the goodness of Saffron fragrance
  • May lighten and soften the skin
  • ➤  Made with 100% Natural & Pure Ingredients, this soap is made to offer a Natural Glow 
  • This Saffron Soap may offer Radiant & even-Toned skin

Replace your regular soap with this rich and foaming Saffron Soap
Use it regularly to experience maximum benefits 

Saffron, Milk, and Turmeric


Did you know why today is special
  • Packed with the goodness of Sandalwood fragrance
  • Made with 100% Natural & Pure Ingredients, this soap is great for All Skin Types
  • It helps to cleanse the skin smoothly and keeps the moisture intact 
  • It is made to offer a smooth and glowing skin tone  

Replace your regular soap with this rich and natural Milk Chandan Turmeric Soap
Use it regularly to experience maximum benefits 

Milk Powder, Turmeric Extract & Sandalwood Powder

Ayurvedic Skin Care Supplement - Medicated Cow Ghee Formula

Glohills Soft Gel Capsules

Almond Oil (1)


  • Unique Formula made with Medicate Cow Ghee
  • Best Supplements for Skin Care – may helps to maintain skin hydration
  • Helps improve skin complexion & give glowing skin
  • Helps to give beautiful acne-free skin
  • Ayurvedic Skin Medicine – may helps to combat skin problems from within

Directions For Use

  • Take 2 soft gel capsules in the morning or as recommended by the physician.
  • It should ideally be taken on an empty stomach before meals.
  • For better results, it should be taken with water or milk.

Key Ingredients:

  • Manjishtha, Neem, Sariva, Haridra, Kumari, Khadeer and Bhrungraj, mixed with Cow Ghee

Ayurvedic Skin Care Supplement - Supporting Herbs to Improve Skin Health

Skin Care Supplements


  •  May Strengthen Immunity & Facilitate Proper Digestion 
  • ➤ May Help Provide Relief In Cough, Cold & Sore Throat 
  • ➤ Beneficial For Skin 
  • ➤ May Aid In Respiratory Disorders 


Improve Skin Health with Turmeric Latte/ Turmeric Milk
  • Exhibits antioxidant activity and supports the body’s natural response to oxidative stress.
  • Has anti-bacterial properties to protect skin from outer wounds
  • ➤ Helps to improve overall skin health
  • ➤ Known to support quick wound healing 


Almond Oil (3)
  • It normalizes the functions of the entire body by flushing out toxins and nourishing all body organs
  • May help support in detoxifications
  • ➤ Supports blood purification and helps to impart long-lasting skin health
  • Ayurveda Skin Care by flushing out toxins, it helps to improve overall skin health

Seabuckthorn Juice

  • With anti-oxidant properties, it helps with oxidative stress
  • Ayurveda Skin Care Products Beneficial to improve Skin Health
  • ➤ Helps to improve Immune Health
  • ➤ Helps to improve digestion and weight management

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