Unleash the joy of healthy living with Herbal Hills Exclusive Reward Program! Break the myth of being healthy is costly by becoming a pride member of herbal hills. A plunge in the shopping that helps you to save with easy reward policies! Take a look at the fine details on how you can earn and redeem points while shopping.

How Loyalty Program Helps You Earn Points?

  1. What is the cost of 1 reward point you earn?

The value of 1 point you earn is equal to Rs 5

  1. How to earn 1 reward point?

      Every 100 Rs of your purchase will help you to earn 1 reward point

  1. When can I redeem my reward points?

To begin your loyalty program, you need to earn a minimum 30 points.

  1. How many points can I redeem on each purchase?

You can redeem 50% of the cart value with earned reward points.

Eg: If the cart value is 500rs, then you can maximumly redeem 25 points (250Rs). Basically, you can redeem 50% cart value using the earned reward points, which is half price of the cart value.

  1. What is the shelf life of my reward points?

You can use the earned points in 6 months. After which your points will expire. 

  1. What are the other ways to earn the points

A)Refer your Friends and Family Members

Refer your friends or family members from your account. Once the referred friend buys the product from our website using your referral link, you will earn 10 reward points (50 Rs).

B)Social Post

When you share our 10 different social posts on your leading social media page, you will earn 2 reward points.

C)New User(Signup)

New Sign Ups will be gifted with 5 points (25Rs)