Herbal Hills – Leading Ayurvedic Online Store in India

In 2005, the Herbal Hills brand began!! Since childhood, Mr. Dhiren Dalal, the director of Herbal Hills had an interest in cultivation, agriculture, and farming. After the immense research with the experience people, Herbal Hills has come up with Wheatgrass as their first product.

After the success of our Wheatgrass Powder, Herbal Hills began to cultivate other Green Food Supplements.
Furthermore, as per market demands, Herbal Hills has come up with a wide range of product categories such as herbal powders, single herbal supplements, and capsules.
Today Herbal Hills has 350+ Certified Ayurvedic Products

👉 Herbal Hills is one of the leading Ayurvedic medicine online store, who has its own Dairy Farm and Organic land in the valley of Sahyadri Mountain
👉 We have 200+ Gir cows, which we use to produce medicated cow ghee.
👉 We use this A2 cow ghee in the preparation of Ayurvedic Medicated Cow Ghee Formula for Various Health problems.
👉With 100% natural botanicals. No chemicals. No preservatives. No animal testing, Herbal Hills’ becomes the best online Ayurvedic medicine store in India”

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