Herbal Hills Gokshuradihills Tablet – 60 Tablets

SKU: T9527
  • It acts as an anti-lithiatic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and adaptogenic
  • May support kidney health and prostate health
  • With Anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce swelling
  • May help to increase urine secretion and reduce the swelling and burning sensation during urination


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Herbal Hills Gokshuradihills Tablet – Prostate Care Support – 60 Tablets

Gokshuradihills Tablet – The Natural Solution for Prostate Care! Experience the power of a unique blend of herbs with Gokshuradihills Tablet. This herbal supplement is specially formulated to support prostate health and promote overall well-being. Designed with the specific needs of individuals in the Indian population in mind, Gokshuradihills Tablet offers a natural solution for maintaining optimal prostate function. Gokshuradihills Tablet acts as an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and adaptogenic agent. It provides comprehensive support for prostate care, helping to maintain prostate health and alleviate common concerns. The synergistic blend of Miri, Shudha Guggul, Pipali, Baheda, Amla, and Sunthee in Gokshuradihills Tablet works together to provide various benefits for prostate care. These herbs have been traditionally used in Ayurveda for their therapeutic properties and their ability to support urinary health and prostate function. In addition to its benefits for prostate health, Gokshuradihills Tablet possesses anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce swelling and alleviate discomfort. It may also help increase urine secretion, reducing swelling and the burning sensation during urination. It combines the wisdom of Ayurvedic herbs to provide a natural and effective solution for supporting prostate health and overall well-being.


The direction of Use:


Safety Warnings & Storage:

Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool dry place & away from direct sunlight or heat.

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For over twenty years, Herbal Hills has led the way in Ayurvedic product manufacturing within India. Through our Wholesale Division, we excel in bulk wholesaling a diverse selection of Ayurvedic medicines, innovative formulations, green food supplements, juices, and daily health supplements. Our comprehensive range encompasses powders, tablets, capsules, juices, creams, and oils, addressing a myriad of health requirements.

  • Expertise & Trust: Decades of Ayurvedic wisdom.
  • Wide Range: Diverse health and wellness solutions.
  • Quality Assurance: Guaranteed top-quality products.
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